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Label & Brand Design

Below you can see various works we've done throughout the years. These projects vary from wine, to spirits, all the way to cookie packaging and even game design.


Identity, Branding, Label Design

& Consultation


Various Clients

Krämer Label

It is our job to not only deliver top designs for our clients, but to also assist them during the printing process. Does their budget cover certain "extras" such as hot foils, premium papers or embossing? We love to work closely with the client and the printing companies to ask those questions and to see if we can add that certain something to make the brand a little more special.

Aunt Cookies

Aunt Cookies Ultimates

We decided to try our hand at something new. Designing a cookie packaging that has an elegant, premium feel to it. As soon as the design was uploaded, a supermarket chain located in Berlin called and wanted to know if they could sell our cookies in their store. What's funny is that we only had the design… no cookies. So we went on the hunt for a cookie company that could help us out. Not easy to find. Actually, we are still looking. Any cookie company's out there that need a new look? Contact us.

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