Adding a slight touch of humor.

wine prince sketch / illustration

… and yes, I write "humor" without the "u". (It's an American thing.)

Some consider wine to be a luxury product. Sometimes a kind of stuffy product where there is little room for adding something relaxing and fun(ny) to it.

Times have changed though.

Take a look at the Fat Bastard wine labels for example. Great idea with that hippo up there. I always loved seeing things like this out there on the shelves. There are a handful of others out there, but I don't have the time to list them all out here. You know who you are ;-)

Anyway, back to us… we recently finished a wine label project for the supermarket chain over here in Germany. The name of the wine is "Weinprinz" (wine prince). Could be a fun one don't you think?

At first the client was thinking of the "prince" being a wine lover… and by wine lover… we mean wine lover! Needless to say we had nix that idea all together. (Not a good idea portraying a drunk prince on a wine you are trying to sell I guess.)

We needed to go at things at a different angle. Subtile hints that will maybe make the consumer smirk a little when they pick it up off the shelf.

Here's what we came up with. We added a crown to a bunch of grapes, that's what we did! Take a look folks.

Der Weinprinz Riesling

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