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VR Equitypartners

Working with VR Equitypartner Bank since 2013, we have been able to build a solid working relationship and develop engaging creative projects. Working in partnership with the client, sometimes to tight deadlines and specific requirements.


CI/CD, Packaging, Trade Show,

Event Design, Production Handling & Consultation


VR Equitypartners





since 2013

VREP Brand

A Great Cause

The Christmas drawings on the wine label and packaging were created by children who live in  the Bethanien Children's and Youth Care Village in Eltville Germany, which is home to around 90 children and young people who, for various reasons, cannot grow up with their families. VR Equitypartner has been supporting the facility since 2015.

Since 2017 we have had the opportunity to design this very unique gift. Each year once the wine is chosen it is our job to come up with a a special design incorporating their drawings. It is then our responsibility to work closely with each printing company to ensure that everything is produced and delivered on time.


We then package and send out all 850+ gift boxes so that they all arrive for Christmas.

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