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Kool-Down Beverage Corp.

Even though the client is 7,700km away located in British Columbia, Canada there were absolutely no obstacles when working on a project together. We made sure that the client didn't feel "the distance" between us, by always delivering on time and meeting tight deadlines and doing that since 2011.


Branding, Packaging, Print & Illustration




British Columbia,



since 2011

Pink Parrot

Client Testimonial

"slate19 created my logo back in 2009 and I haven't looked back. They have done all of my design work since then in a timely and professional manner. True rock stars in my book! My business wouldn't be where it is today without them. Thank you!"

John Steele, CEO

Kool-Down Beverage Corp., Canada

Illustration Work

We applied a considerable amount of illustration work to not only the "Party with the Parrot" brand, but all of John's projects. Closely working with him and adding some ideas of our own was key to making his products jump off the shelves.

Pink Parrot Illustration
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