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Taunus-Tropfen Kräuterlikör

After years and years of establishing new products for our clients it was time for us to bring out our own. Since 2020, we have successfully been able introduce an old Taunus favourite back on the shelves again. Taunus-Tropfen was popular in the 70's to mid 80's and then seemed to drop out of the scene. After doing the necessary research we then went about things in reverse… establishing the look and feel of the new product before even tasting it. We then found our partner in Dauborn, Germany to help us create a deliciously smooth new herbal liquor. You can read more about it here:


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Taunus-Tropfen Brand

This ongoing adventure has been a learning process for us, but not in the negative sense of the word. Each step of this process has been fun and has brought us new customers along the way. 

These customers vary from major supermarket chains, to restaurants and to specialty shops. It is nice to have many of these new customers "call out of the blue" to order from us. 

Taunus-Tropfen 4cl sample

The Taunus-Tropfen samples…

… or what we like to call our " Genussproben".


At first we thought that we would bring out these samples to introduce our new brand to potential clients, but these little guys took off. Everyone loved them. So, what started out as a simple giveaway ended up being a great seller for us.

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